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Personal Training

Personal Training: your personal training program will be designed according to your goals and fitness level. We customize your program to help you move better, lose weight, build strength, etc. We build our programs to improve your health first. Looking better is a byproduct a healthy, good-moving body. We specialize in helping people with mobility restrictions and previous injuries such as retired military. Weight loss programs, powerlifting, strength training for runners, we do it all.Learn More or Signup.

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes: We offer Powerlifting Strength & Conditioning Classes, Beyond Stretch Mobility Classes, and Yoga Alignment Classes. We design our fitness classes so that they are safe for new members, but tough enough to challenge our long term members. Special attention is paid to fundamentals and quality of movement. Learn More or Signup.

Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started: Whether you are contacting us for personal training, classes or open gym, we have important information to share with you. Please view our Let's Get Started Page for information on how you Get Started at CrossFit Sand & Steel.

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Call us 703.854.9960.

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