CrossFit Foundations

One on One Private Session. CrossFit Foundations is built to prepare our new athletes to learn CrossFit techniques and exercises in a safe, controlled environment. Foundations is finely tuned and expressly designed to help you improve your CrossFit technique, and get stronger doing it.


CrossFit One-on-One

Amp up the power of CrossFit training with one-on-one personalized CrossFit programing and scaling. Workout one-on-one with a coach, master CrossFit technique, and start practicing a safer, more effective, CrossFit Practice.


Gym Tour

Gym Tour to discuss your programming, pricing, and service options. Comes with a free Coffee Mug.


InBody Scan

Schedule an Inbody Scan and Consultation. No membership required.


Job Interview

Request a Job Interview to work at Sand and Steel Fitness. Comes with a free coffee mug.


Mobility Tune-up

Mobility TuneUp helps you move better. It includes stretching, corrective exercises, and manual therapy to improve your exercise mechanics and decrease chronic pain.


Nutrition Session

Online Nutrition Session with Paul. Signup to look better, feel better, and lose the weight for good.


Personal Training with Paul

Personal Training with Paul is one on one personal training on a completely customized personal training program.